Rules and Etiquette

Since the Dojang is a place of honor and respect, please observe the following rules:

1) Before you enter the Dojang, remove your shoes and socks.

2) As you enter the Dojang, bow to the flags at the front of the class followed by the highest-ranking student (i.e., black belt). Bow to all higher ranking students when they enter the Dojang.

3) If class has begun and you arrive late, please enter the Dojang bow accordingly and wait for the instructor to admit you.

4) Show respect to all ranked students (i.e., students with colored belts) by addressing them as “Sir” or “Ma'am.” If you are a new student, indicate that your have understood instructions from a ranking student by saying “Sir,” “Yes, Sir,“ “Ma'am,” or “Yes, Ma'am.”

5) As you exit the Dojang, bow to the highest-ranking belt followed by flags at the front of the class.

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