White – Yellow

Purchase Uniform

Attendance ³ 55%

for ~4 months

(~25 Classes)

$20 Promotion Fee

   Horse Stance

   Front Stance

   Back Stance

   Middle Punch

   Reverse Punch

   Low Defense

   High Defense

   Middle Defense

   Straight High Kick

   Front Kick

   Roundhouse Kick

   Side Kick

   Cross Kick

   Ki Bun Hyung Cho Dan

   Ki Bun Hyung Nee Dan

   Ki Bun Hyung San Dan

   Fundamental Actions #1

   Front Kick-Double Punch

   Front Kick-Roundhouse Kick-Back Side Kick-Reverse Punch

   Leaping Side Kick

   Outside 1, 2, 7, 10

   Inside 1-4

   Forearm 1


   Breath Control 1-5


   Step Sparing

   Break: Front Kick

Yellow – Green

Attendance ³ 60%

for ~4 months

(~30 Classes)

$25 Promotion Fee

   Outside Defense

   Double Arm Defense

   Edge-of-Hand Defense

   Spear Hand Attack

   Edge-of-Hand Strike to the Neck

   Back Side Kick

   Palyae Il Chang

   Palyae Ee Chang

   Palyae Sam Chang

   Fundamental Actions #2-5

   Jumping Front Kick

   Continuous Front Kick

   Alternating Front Kick

   Outside 3, 4

   Inside 5, 6

   Forearm 2-4b

   with Pop-up

   Triple Punch


   Stepping Back

   Side Step

   Break: Leaping Side Kick


Green – Red

Attendance ³ 65%

for ~8 months

(~65 Classes)

$45 Promotion Fee

   Lower Control

   Wheel Kick

   Palyae Sah Chang

   Palyae O Chang

   Hapkido Cho Kub Pan Hyung

   Jumping Axe Kick

   Jumping Cross Kick


   Outside 5, 6

   Inside 7, 8

   Forearm 5-7

   with Throw


   Continuous Motion

   Free Fighting Step

   Break: Back Side Kick


Red – Brown

Master Kangs Fees

Attendance ³ 70%

for ~8 months

(~70 Classes)

$70 Promotion Fee


   Palyae Yook Chang

   Palyae Chil Chang

   Front Kick-Back Side Kick

   Leaping Side Kick-Back Side Kick-Back Side Kick

   Continuous Back Side Kick

   Outside 8, 9

   Kang Knife 1-4

   Free Fighting/Sparring

   Break: Wheel Kick or Hand/Punch


Brown – Black

Master Kangs Fees

Attendance ³ 75%

for ~8-12 months

(~110 Classes)

$100 Promotion Fee

   Jumping Back Side Kick

   Jumping Wheel Kick

   Palyae Pal Chang


   Continuous Side Kick

   Front Kick-Leaping Back Side Kick

   DePinho Knife 1-6


   Technical Demonstration

   Break: Wheel Kick-Sweep-Jumping Wheel Kick Break or Other Combination


Higher Level Black

Master Kangs Fees



   Sword Form

   Gorea Il

   Kum Ga

   Tae Bak

   Pyg Mon

   Sip Jin

   Advanced Combinations

   Behind the Back 1-5

   Clothes 1-5