The members of Einstein Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do are MD, PhD, and MSTP students, post-graduate fellows, faculty, staff, and alumni of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and its affiliated institutions.

3rd Degree Black Belt
	Belinda Jim  |  MD alumna, faculty

2nd Degree Black Belt
	Ken Chen  |  faculty
	Sandra Serrano    

1st Degree Black Belt	
	Lisa Glass  |  MSTP
	Manuel Sanchez  |  MSTP
	Amanda Tow  |  MSTP
	Michoel Snow  |  MSTP
	Cindy Chen    

Brown Belt
	Michael Siev  |  MD

Red Belt
	Gloria Ho  |  faculty
	Tathyana Mar  |	PhD

Green Belt
	Benefsha Mohammad  |  MD
	Carmen Chow  |  PhD
	Luke Cusumano  |  MD

Yellow Belt
	Charles Kenworthy  |  MSTP
	Caleb Hao
	Sean Hickey  |  MD
	Camila Garcia
	Claudia Garcia
	Lydia Ting
	Sarah Hao
	Larissa Ting                        

Recent Alumni

	Derek Amanatullah, 2nd degree black belt  |  MSTP, orthopedic surgery
	Xiaoping Qing, 1st degree black belt  |  PhD, post-doctoral fellow
	Pedro Moura, 2nd degree black belt  |  PhD, scientist at Merck
	Louis Nkrumah, 1st degree black belt  |  MSTP, neurosurgery
	Aron Mednick, 1st degree black belt  |  MD, internal medicine
	Lily Zhang, 1st degree black belt
	Ed Carlin, 1st degree black belt  |  MSTP, emergency medicine
	Moez Bali, 1st degree black belt  |  research associate
	JJ Brandler, 1st degree black belt
	Orlando Klass, 1st degree black belt  |  MD
	Jerri Chen, 1st degree black belt	|	MSTP, anesthesiology
	Dionna Williams, 1st degree black belt	|	PhD, Post-doctoral fellow

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